Jayne's Wedding Preparation IV - Wedding Venues & Wedding Songs

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I guess I am still in my post-wedding mode XD

I hope that even after 20 years I will still enjoy reading the process of my wedding preparations in this blog (hopefully, blogger won't close down =x finger crossed)


After we got our "auspicious date" (which WL is kinda reluctant to follow), we immediately booked our wedding venue. One of the Asian characteristics is that when it comes to wedding reception/venue, they tend to book high reputation restaurant immediately after the date selection in order to avoid being disappointed. Hence, a lot of restaurants/ hotels starts mushrooming in Kuching.

Things that you should consider before choosing your dream wedding venue :-

a. The type of wedding you would want to have. For instance, I wanted a classy and elegant wedding  hall, hence I will narrow down my choices to posh hotels because one does not need to fully decorate a ballroom to have the same effect of a extravagantly decorated restaurant.

b. Food selection.. 

c. Budget. (I guess this is one of the major concern for most couples... )

Items that are negotiable with your Wedding Venue Vendor : -

1. Food Testing (When & how you would like your dishes to be served. And probably additional charges for changing some dishes from the package)

2. Corkage fee 

3. Wedding Invitation Cards (For eg: how much do they charge for the printing)

4. Tables arrangement 

5. Package discount that can be given (Normally nett price for hotels..)

6. Room rates for our guests.


These are the wedding venues available in Kuching,

1. Imperial Hotel (Our Wedding Venue ^ ^)
2. Century Kuching Hotel (Formally known as Four Point Hotel)
3. Pullman Hotel
4. Grand Magherita Hotel
5. Riverside Majestic Hotel
6. The WaterFront Hotel (Newly establish)
7. Hilton Hotel
8. Lok Thian Restaurant
9. The Banquet Restaurant
10. Thian Court Crown Square Restaurant
11. Chef's Delicious Restaurant 天厨酒楼
12. Sarawak Club
13. Cove 55 Santubong (more for Garden/Beach Wedding)
14. KTS Garden
15. Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK)
16. Merdeka Palace
17. Kuching Old Court House (Garden Wedding)

In order to have 100% 80% guest confirmation, reservation is very important.

I wanted my wedding to be as simple as possible where my guests can enjoy themselves too. In order to achieve that, I've decided on certain nice songs/ background music to enhance the ambiance.

Thanks to my husband (who always have high requirement in music) downloaded high quality instrumental songs as the background music.

Our background music are all instrumental pieces and those are all my favourite!!!

1. Canon In D Major (Instrumental) 
2. A Thousand Years (Violin- Cello Version) 
3. Forever In Love (Kenny G)
4. Sentimental (Kenny G)
5. The Moment (Kenny G) 
6. The Moon Represents My Heart (Kenny G)
7. Love Story (Piano Version)
8. 爱你 (By Kimberly Chen)
9. 最重要的决定 (Piano Version) 范瑋琪
10. 我願意 (Piano Version) 王菲 
11. 我只在乎你 (Piano Version) 鄧麗君
12. 有你真好 (Piano Version) 范瑋琪-楊丞琳 
13. 今天妳要嫁給我 (Piano Version) 陶-蔡依林
14. 我只在乎你(Piano Version) 鄧麗君 

Recalling those instrumental pieces, it gives a sentimental feeling of returning to the night at the wedding ballroom.
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Meanwhile, we decided to use " Lucky - by Jason Mraz" as our wedding video song, and I insist to include "My Love - by Lee Seung Chul" as our childhood video's background music! It created the Omphm/ feel for that video XD

Our wedding video by Ngee Jee Photography 
Love the photos from Ngee Jee as the photos taken are leaning more towards an artistic feel which is kinda different from the photography skill in Kuching Market. LOL

Besides, we had a special guest which is WL's friend - Wilson as our singer on that night.
Love the way he sang and too bad I didn't manage to record down that moment!
We requested these songs on that night ( my fav! XD)

1. Close To You
2. Can't Take My Eyes Of You
3. Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You
4. Photography (by Ed Shereen)
5. 爱很简单

Wilson also took the initiative to add in some songs by himself and I must say the songs he added in are superb.

Hopefully all of my guests enjoy themselves during our wedding night.
Ciao~ XX

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