Jayne's Wedding Preparation II - Wedding Photographers

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Choosing a pre wedding photographer/ studio is actually quite tedious.
Perfect gowns, beautiful make up, skillful photographers are the main criteria that every bride-to-be should aim for. 

I will list down these Bridal Studios in Kuching for your reference (yes... you... the soon bride-to-be... heehee) 

click the link~

 - I love all the gowns. Perfect gowns in the town!

10. The Studio

11. France Taipei

12. Lux Bridal 

13. Bride Beginnings

14. Mushroom King 

15. Twinny Two Wedding 

16. Isabelle Wedding

17. Jacky Studio

18. Touch Studio

However, some couples prefer freelance photographer to have their pre-wedding photos as well as for their actual day photo shooting. Therefore, I have also listed down the available freelance photographers for your reference.

1. Ngee Jee Wedding Photo

2. Andy Phe Photography 

3. The Shot

4. Micheal Photograhy

5. Ju Shiu Photography

6. Edwin Lay Photography

7. Big Big Day Studio

8. Aiyoyo Photography 

9. SK Jong Photography 

10. Blushed Photography 

11. Las Artes Studio

12. YH Photography

13. TzinSimon Photography

14. The Scope

15. Vinca Photography 

ciao~ xx

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