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My Baby Diary

9:45:00 AM

Argh. I've been procrastinating for the entire year and didn't even update my Taiwan, Bangkok and Melbourne posts. Now I have one more month to go before my due date. :x

I'll probably need to update this post first because I believe I won't have extra time for blogging after giving birth to my little princess. Heeheee...... =P

Throughout these 8 months, I didn't encounter any (maybe a few) morning/evening sickness. Thanks to little bump (or big bump according to WL) for not torturing me (Ok, I promise I will love you like how i love your daddy ok? xD). I am able to eat, sleep, work, play, eat, sleep, work, play .... until now O,O  That's why my bump's size is considered relatively big because I've been eating non stop!!
Little bump even accompanied me to Penang when she is 5 months old! ^ ^

Throughout the pregnancy period, I am always anticipating for the monthly check up with our gynecologist because I get to see her through the ultrasound. I feel extremely thankful and grateful to God after every check up once I know that she is growing well =)

What to prepare/buy for mummy &; newborn:
(better prepare a checklist to avoid spending unnecessary $$$ because baby stuffs ain't cheap :x )

1. Breast pump
2. Breast pad
3. Sanitary pad (extra long?)
4. Nursing bra
5. Things to prepare for confinement (can consult from confinement lady or experienced moms)

1. Newborn clothes (including mittens/socks/caps etc..)
2. Baby cot + Mattress + Baby pillows
3. Towels/ handkerchiefs for newborn
4. Newborn's pampers/ napkins
5. Baby comb/nail clippers
6. Baby oil (for tummy)/ baby cream (depends on you)
7. Baby Shampoo & body bath
8. Milk bottles/ pacifiers (?) + brush for the milk bottles
9. Sterilizer for milk bottles
10. Medicine (washing baby's mouth, thermometer etc)
11. Wet tissue/ tissue papers
12. Rubber mat
13. Baby's car seat
14. Baby swaddle
15. Baby bathtub/pail


What to prepare for the maternity bag: (妈咪的产包)

Mummy's clothes
1. Loose pants
2. Shirts
3. Nursing Bra
4. Underwear + Sanitary pad!
5. Socks
6. Jackets
7. Toiletries & personal items (Toothbrush set/ cleanser/ etc.. make up kits)
8. Some foods (Biscuits)
9. Charger!!! (This is important XD)
10. Chicken essence (to boost mama's energy)
11. Spectacles or else everything will look blur for me o,o

Baby's clothes
1. Newborn shirts
2. Newborn pampers/ Nappies
3. Newborn mittens/booties/socks
4. Swaddle for newborn

Lastly, enjoy the entire process of the pregnancy and prepare to welcome your little bundle of joy! ^ ^

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