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The Legendary Two Lines in My Life!

9:50:00 PM

" The first two lines in my life"

Yes! Bingo! I am now a pregnant lady!

I guess I have to jot down all these wonderful moment in my blog because I tend to forget things easily :x

5 months ago, one week after Syndy's wedding, WL was curious since my period is one week late! He instructed me to get a pregnancy test kit at a random drugstore.... but due to my laziness, I only acquire the pregnancy test kit on the next day XD

Fast forwards, I went ahead and followed the instructions given on the pregnancy test kit and to my surprise, I saw TWO RED LINES appeared in less than a minute!!!! O.O I got shocked  because I wasn't prepared for that even though we have been married for .. 7 months (??)

I quickly ran to our room and told WL on that two lines! 
and his reply was " WOW!!!" and a hug from him!  XD

Dear little bump,

We can't wait to see you and for sure I will hug you and smell you every night XD

<3 i="">

Another milestone to achieve in year 2017  ^ ^

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